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Sample Day

Greeting Time

The morning separation is very different for each family, as they have developed their own rituals for saying goodbye. 

Arrivals takes place:
Children arrive for early morning care, or at 8:45 AM for the start of the regular school day.


As children arrive, they can make activity choices in the classroom. They are encouraged to explore and collaborate with one another and the educators. Children choose from provocatively set up activities in the Drama area, Blocks and Building area, Paint and Art Area, Sensory Area.

Snack Time

Snacks are served in our classrooms and children eat together at tables with the teachers. Morning Snack is served at 10:00 AM and afternoon Snack is served at 3:15 PM. Teachers often take this time to read stories or share information with the children.

Meeting Time

The entire class gathers together to sit in a circle, an activity that signals the transition from early morning explorations to small group work time. The children and educators sing together, share news, discuss classroom happenings, and count the number of people present. 

Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Exploration takes place at the Grattan Tennis Courts or Soccer fields. Children are encouraged to engage with their peers and engage in gross motor activities. The teachers plan soccer games, follow the leader activities, and encourage the children to "explore." The children throw balls, ride tricycles and engage in imaginative play.

Lunch Time

Each teacher sits at a lunch table in the classroom with a small group children. There are two home cooked nutritious snacks as well as lunch that are served daily. As the year progresses, children take increasing responsibly for helping to set the tables and serve themselves food. (12:15—12:45 p.m.)

Transition to Quiet Time/ Story Time

While each child has a turn to use the toilet and wash hands, the others gather with an educator for story time or relaxing music and movement activities. (12:45—1:00 p.m.)

Quiet Time

Younger children take a nap while soft music is played and children lay quietly on their mats, typically with a special soft toy and / or blanket from home. Teachers circulate to pat backs and help children to relax. (1:00 —3:00 p.m.) For older children, quite rest time is observed for 40 minutes. 


Children are picked up at different times during the afternoon, depending on the child’s contracted schedule.

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