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We are a Play Based Jewish Preschool in the heart of Cole Valley.

We believe that children learn best through PLAY.  Discovery-based play expands children's imagination, develops their curiosity, and provides a diverse & comprehensive foundation for cognitive, social, emotional & creative growth that will shape children through their adolescence school years and into adulthood.

Our Mission is to ensure that each child feels connected to their Jewish identity and is cared for emotionally and physically in order to reach their learning objectives in a joyful classroom where imaginations run free, and each child feels loved and valued.

We accept children from 18 months to 4 years old, making us one of the few Jewish preschools in San Francisco that accept children at such a young age. And no, your child does not need to be potty trained.

We are proud of our low child to teacher ratio. There’s no way around this one. A low child to teacher ratio means more individual attention. And more individual attention means we focus more on your child’s individual needs, by giving them personalized activities, and helping them grow and develop wherever they’re at.

You’re a working parent, and need to get to work early. And dropping your kids off at 8:45 just doesn’t work for you. We get it. That’s why we have early morning and after care, so that preschool can fit into your schedule, as opposed to fitting your schedule around preschool. 

In addition, we understand that some parents are looking for a preschool that will take their child for partial weeks. We are proud to support each family in their unique child care needs and work with you if you need child care only on specific days.

At Cole Valley Gan, we prepare delicious homemade meals, so you don’t have to. And they’re nutritious alright, so you can be sure your child is eating healthy!

Our large classroom means more room to play, and our large windows ensure that the children get bright sunlight even when they are indoors. In addition we go outdoors to Grattan Playground every single day.

We have daily communication between parents and teachers. Our teachers will communicate via our WhatsApp groups daily to share what your child is working on, what they ate and how long they slept. In addition our experienced Director is available to speak with you about your child's development any time that you would like to chat!

Our Welcoming and supportive preschool community provides support for families with young children. With regular out of school programming and opportunities for families to come together we encourage friendships and support in our preschool community.

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Welcome to 
Cole Valley Gan

From our Parents

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"The Gan Cole Valley was an amazing experience for my two sons. I learned so much from Chaya about how to parent with patience and kindness, and really attune to my kids over the years we were there. Chaya is an amazing caregiver and my boys thrived at the Gan. I would recommend Gan Cole Valley for families that want their kids to be in a smaller preschool with a warm, loving, and accepting environment. The teachers there will really get to know your child and develop activities that are tailored to his/her skills and interests."

- Matthew & Anna Gore

The Cole Valley Gan Scholarship fund is supported by Chabad of Cole Valley
and the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

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